February 26, 2011
everyone has an iphone

So when I was at a gathering with my med school comrades I noticed everyone, I mean pretty much, had an iPhone. This is, of course, is because of the Verizon move. It’s pretty crazy how ubiquitous the iPhone is with the under-40 in the hospitals or clinics. Everyone seems to have one.

But anyways, what we all invariably did was share the sweet apps we have. I thought I would share mine with you… despite how nerdy this is. And spoiler alert they are not all free apps.

1. Plaintext (free) - the big hype right now are simple text editors with a clean layout so you are not distracted by all the crazy font and style buttons. So really Plaintext is one of the many. Why do I like it? I think it looks better than all the other ones. Plus it syncs with Dropbox so I can start a blog post on the road and then finish it on my computer when I get home. I can take notes in meetings and then email them out to other people from the app or when I get home with ease.

2. Square (free)- the coolest way to divide a cheque at dinner or collect money from a brother who owes you some dosh. The app, signing up, and even the card swiping dongle are free. So cool! And their fees for each transaction are a mere 2.75%. I think that totally beats trying to track down the guy who owes you $6 from the time you forgot to pay back your sister-in-law for the tip you left of Pizzeria 7/12 (psst… I’m the guy. So sorry Jen!).

3. Find My iPhone (free) - okay seriously, you don’t have this one yet? It is from Apple and it lets you track down your phone (among other security features) when you can’t find it. Very helpful for when I have freaked but then realized I just left my phone in the car.

4. Phoster ($1.99) - I love all the photography apps I have but I will just share on today. Lets you easily make an invite, concert poster, party flyer… it’s just AWESOME! Very original and always updating with new templates and effects. Produces very high quality images.

5. Pulse (free) - Add your favorite websites and you have got your self the sleekest RSS aggregation available on the planet. Seriously the way it updates, goes from page to page, is just smoooooth. I love getting my news this way!

That’s all for now! Let me know what you think by commenting on my Facebook or clicking “Ask me a question”.

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